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Board of Directors

Greg Garcia / President-CEO*

Larry (Sarge) Dickenson / Vice President-COO*

LaQuonna Hall / Secretary-CAO

John O'Malley / Treasurer-CFO*

Charles Krulak / Director *

Don Lehman/ Director / Vetting Officer*

Ed Leach / Director*

Gary Lott / Director*

Danny Topping / Director *

Don Brooks / President Emeritus*


* Denotes a Marine Veteran 

Director's Oath of Office

I, (name) hereby give my word in confirmation that I shall serve to the best of my ability as a duly elected Director of the Krulak Marine Alliance of Alabama for the benefit of the Organization and its membership, and never knowingly violate its Bylaws and Oath of Membership or take advantage of my position for personal gain. I will always lead by example, promote camaraderie among the membership, be open to loyal dissent and fair in all dealings and decisions, this I affirm on my word before the KMAA members present.

Mental Health Services
Dial 988

Message from the President / CEO...


Welcome to the Krulak Marine Alliance of Alabama (aka KMAA) Alabama's premier Marine organization. You will discover that KMAA is dedicated to aiding active, reserve, and Veteran Marines, and their family members in stress and need. Our focus is on preventing suicide among Alabama Marines and Veterans, fighting Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and improving the Quality-of-Life for Marines, and as resources permit, aiding all Veterans in distress and need.  We are the Few, the Proud, the Achievers!

Semper Fi,

Greg Garcia

Greg Garcia, USMC


Contact Greg Garcia...

Semper Fi, your message was sent.

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