KMAA Fundraising

No Money-No Mission

KMAA conducts three to four  fundraisers annually to raise money for both restricted projects, like suicide prevention, and unrestricted monies for administrative, grants, and supportive programs. KMAA is transparent in its use of funds and has earned the Guide Star's Platinum designation since 2018, its highest nonprofit transparency award. 

Every Three Days An Alabama Veteran Commits Suicide!


The "SPARE a Life" initiative was launched in mid-February 2019 to help prevent Alabama Veteran suicides. "SPARE a Life" initiative is a statewide, grassroots approach to establishing "Force Multipliers" to lead the charge to reduce the suicide rate among Alabama Veterans.

SPARE a Life suicide kits are available, contact John O'Malley for information.

For your convenience, you can make a donation to KMAA anytime, without participating in a fundraiser, just click here... 

Attention On Deck: Remember, when donating to a charitable organization, refrain from providing or verifying personal information via e-mail, text message or social media. Do not post, direct message, email, or provide over the phone any sensitive information to any organization or individual unless you have initiated the interaction via the contact information provided on the organization's website. Be wary of individuals representing themselves as members of any charitable organization asking for donations via social networking sites or personal email addresses. Malicious individuals can mislead victims using copycat names that are similar to but not exactly the same as individuals and charitable organizations. If you are unsure as to whether or not a communication is legitimate, contact the organization directly.

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