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KMAA is pronounced Kay-Ma

The Few, The Proud, The Achievers


Therapists customizing AMTryic for Veterans in need. KMAA supports the AMBUCS Veteran program.  


Regan Proctor, an ROTC student at Thompson High School in Alabaster, won the "What Veterans Mean to Me" essay contest, Regan won $250 and his ROTC $500 and he rode on the KMAA float as our guest of honor.

KMAA Golf Team.png

The KMAA golf team took the Alabama Veterans 2022 Golf Tournament overall gross championship. L to R,  Robby Glenn, Ron Snell, Ross O'Malley (Team Captain), and Al Wood. KMAA's golf teams have dominated the competition year after year. KMAA supports the Alabama Veteran foundation.

KMAA Golf Team02.png
Life Goes On Where Hope Resides!

Adapt, Improvise, Deliver


KMAA members focus on providing camaraderie, and physical and financial aid to help Marines and/or their direct family members in distress and need. KMAA also supports UAB/VA research in the following areas:

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Traumatic Brain Injury


KMAA Board of Directors Don Lehman and Larry (Sarge) Dickenson lead the KMAA parade float entry in the 2022 Veterans Day parade. The Marine Corps Recruiters provided the Honor Color Guard. 


KMAA VDP Marshalls Don Brooks (Vietnam War) and Jim Wyatt (Korean War) rode on the float and represented two of our Marine combat Veterans. 


KMAA supported and participated in the MC Recruiters Poolie event held at Hoover Veterans Park. 


KMAA member Don Brooks showed the Poolies how to do pull-ups. Don also showed the Poolies how to lift the 30 lb ammo cans. See Don in action!


Greg Garcia, KMAA president, leads the KMAA team in presenting awards to outstanding Poolies. Greg is in the foreground with the MC recruiter.  The KMAA members participating were Don Brooks, Don Lehman, Danny Topping, Greg Garcia, Laquonna Hall (Ms. Q), and John O'Malley 

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