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KMAA is pronounced Kay-Ma

The Few, The Proud, The Achievers


Bengal (aka Bang-Bang, Tank, & Piggy) O'Malley graduated from obedience & Hand & Paws schools to become a certified therapy dog.


Gene Smith, HTF co-owner, is the first recipient of a KMAA Honory Life Membership in appreciation for his diehard commitment to helping Veterans. john O'Malley also presented Gene with a MAAK Challenge Coin.

JW Birdhouses.03.JPG
JW Birdhouses.02.JPG
JW Birdhouses.JPG

Jim Wyatt building bluebird houses as a get out of the house project. A busy Marine is a happy Marine!


Marine and KMAA member, Jonathan Matlock led the Irreverent Warrior, Birmingham hike, an event to get Veterans out and about, build camaraderie and minimize isolation. The 8.3-mile hike was undertaken by 71 Veterans and supporters. Next year, the hike will be bigger and better!

Life Goes On Where Hope Resides!

Adapt, Improvise, Deliver


KMAA members focus on providing camaraderie, physical and financial aid to help Marines and/or their direct family members in distress and need. KMAA also supports research in the following areas:

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Traumatic Brain Injury


Mario Aguirre, President, Brock's Gap Training Center, Hoover, AL is presented the first Corporate Life Membership in KMAA for their ongoing support, John O'Malley, also present Mario with a KMAA Challenge Coin.  


Meet Trish Grigg, Owner/Operator of 

Website Development and Internet Marketing Services out of North Carolina. Trish designed and maintains the Vet Force Multiplier Veteran suicide prevention website.

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Ed Leach.03.JPG
Ed Leach.04.JPG

KMAA Board member Ed Leach and his retired police officers, Ken Gregory, Chris Robinette & Mike Robertson finish building a deck and ramp for a Alabama Veteran.