Marines carrying a wounded Marine

KMAA members focus on providing both physical and financial aid to help Marines and their direct family members in distress and need. KMAA also supports research in the following areas:

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Quality of Life

Life Goes On Where Hope Resides!

KMAA is pronounced Kay-Ma

The Few, The Proud, The Achievers

AID: Adapt, Improvise, Do

Don Brooks_Jim Wyatt.JPG

Marine salts Don Brooks & Jim Wyatt combat Veterans staffing fundraising table at HTF... Dependable Marines!


LaQuonna Hall (Ms. Q) takes her first leap of faith in tandem sky-diving jump. No fear in that face...


Marine Jim Wyatt (R), turning over the keys to a vehicle he donated to help Marine Percy Lawson (L), whose VA Medical Center Birmingham employment was terminated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Jim Wyatt going over the bells and whistles with Percy Lawson. The Nissan provides the personal transportation Percy needs to seek new employment.

Ross golf Team.jpg

Alabama Veteran 2020 winning golf team, L to R / Trey Cagle, Robert Glenn, Ron Snell, & Ross O'Malley. Cagle & O'Malley are KMAA members.


Alabama Veteran 2020 winning golf team trophy presentation, L to R / Chris Montz, Mike Oakley, Ron Snell, John Hackett, Cagle, Robert Glenn, & Ross O'Malley. 


Larry Parker shows John O'Malley how to catch bass. Who says you cannot teach old Marines new tricks!


Marines Matt Joiner (KMAA Treasurer) & Don Lehman (KMAA Vetting Officer) present a vehicle to Marine Yvette Greene, as her daughter Misha Greene looks on. Yvette needed transportation to seek employment.

KMAA members John O'Malley, Jim Wyatt, & Percy Lawson in posing by the Nissan Maxima donated by Jim Wyatt. 

England family thank you.JPG

Marine Jim Wyatt, family, and neighbors muster to celebrate Veterans Day and watch the KMAA float go by.


Pelham's finest provided a police escort down HWY 31. L/R Sgt. Chris Johnson, Officers Shaun Traylor & Jason Barksdale. Cpt. Setliff and Police Chief Pat Cheatwood (not shown) arranged for the escort. Support the thin blue line...